Mixed Up: Deluxe CD


Release date: 22 June, 2018

MIXED UP With the Disintegration album and its accompanying global Prayer Tour, 1989 had delivered a triumphant end to the 80s, but the first year of the 90s found The Cure unexpectedly unsettled.

Determined to keep up the momentum of the band’s ongoing success, but knowing there were internal tensions to address before heading back into the studio, Robert Smith decided on a different course of action; curating an album of the band’s rarer 12” mixes. As work on Mixed Up progressed, Smith realised that some of The Cure’s earlier remixes didn’t stand up to the newer ones.

Robert singles out Brian 'Chuck’ New’s dub style remix of Pictures Of You as the one that inspired him to take a more adventurous path. "That mix turned the music on its head, but at the same time left the essential heart of the song intact. As soon as I heard it, I updated the entire Mixed Up plan. My revised ambition was to compile an album that was contemporary without being dated, immediate without being obvious, musically inspiring, rhythmically exciting and sonically great!"

Two tracks on the album, A Forest and The Walk, were not just remixed but entirely re-recorded, as the multi-track tapes for both songs had long been lost. Both songs were reconstructed in the studio with producer Mark Saunders, using original instruments and gear.

The band convened over five days in June 1990 to record a new track for Mixed Up. After a certain amount of fraught experimenting with beats, loops and sequenced bass lines, Smith decided to change the vibe. A demo entitled PhaseAGE that had previously been deemed ‘too rock' was committed to tape as Never Enough and was released as a single in September 1990. The ‘Closer Mix’ of Close To Me soon followed this and both songs were accompanied by customarily deranged Tim Pope videos.

With Mixed Up finally released, Smith felt he could at last move on, confident in a re-energised and re-integrated band. "The whole of 1990 was essentially spent emerging from the shadow of Disintegration, and we managed to do it in a creatively satisfying way; by the end of the year, I couldn't wait to start work on new songs for the next record".

Robert Smith has remastered the Cure's 1990 compilation of Remixes, 'Mixed Up', and has expanded the Deluxe Edition with a 2nd disc of long deleted remixes from 1982 to 1990, and a 3rd disc containing 16 brand new Remixes done by himself, 'Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018'

2018 Remaster by Robert Smith
CD1: Mixed Up
CD2: Mixed Up Extras 1982 – 1990
CD3: Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018
Lifetime product

CD1- Mixed Up – Remastered 2018

1. Lullaby – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster
2. Close To Me – Closer Mix – 2018 remaster
3. Fascination Street – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster
4. The Walk – Everything Mix – 2018 remaster
5. Lovesong – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster
6. A Forest – Tree Mix – 2018 remaster
7. Pictures of You – Extended Dub Mix – 2018 remaster
8. Hot Hot Hot!!! – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster
9. The Caterpillar – Flicker Mix – 2018 remaster
10. Inbetween Days – Shiver Mix – 2018 remaster 
11. Never Enough – Big Mix – 2018 remaster

CD2 - Mixed Up Extras 2018: Remixes 1982-1990
1. Let’s Go To Bed (Extended Mix 1982 - 2018 remaster)
2. Just One Kiss (Extended Mix 1982 - 2018 remaster)
3. Close To Me (Extended Remix 1985 - 2018 remaster)
4. Boys Don’t Cry (New Voice Club Mix 1986 - 2018 remaster)
5. Why Can’t I Be You? (Extended Mix 1987 - 2018 remaster)
6. A Japanese Dream  (12" Remix 1987 - 2018 remaster)
7. Pictures of You (Extended Version 1990 - 2018 remaster)
8. Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix 1990 - 2018 remaster)
9. Primary (Red Mix 1990 - 2018 remaster)
10. The Lovecats (TC & Benny Mix 1990 - 2018 remaster)

CD3 - Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018
1. Three Imaginary Boys – Help Me Mix by Robert Smith
2. M – Attack Mix by Robert Smith
3. The Drowning Man – Bright Birds Mix by Robert Smith
4. A Strange Day – Drowning Waves Mix by Robert Smith
5. Just One Kiss – Remember Mix by Robert Smith
6. Shake Dog Shake – New Blood Mix by Robert Smith
7. A Night Like This – Hello Goodbye Mix by Robert Smith
8. Like Cockatoos – Lonely In The Rain Mix by Robert Smith
9. Plainsong – Edge Of The World Mix by Robert Smith
10. Never Enough – Time To Kill Mix by Robert Smith
11. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – Love In Vain Mix by Robert Smith
12. Want – Time Mix by Robert Smith
13. The Last Day of Summer – 31st August Mix by Robert Smith
14. Cut Here – If Only Mix by Robert Smith
15. Lost – Found Mix by Robert Smith
16. It’s Over – Whisper Mix by Robert Smith

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